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CSO code of practice


The Kenya Code of Practice is one booklet in a series of three designed guide the work of CSOs. The three booklets should be used together. The other two booklets are: the Kenya Code of Standards for Competence, Integrity and Sustainability; and the Kenya CSO Organisation Self Assessment Tool.
The Code of Standards clearly states the minimum requirements for CSOs to measure themselves against: the work they do and how the work is delivered. The practices detail what needs to be done to make the standards a reality; while the Organisation Self-Assessment Tool provides a process and a tool that helps CSOs to reflect at a moment in time, on how they are performing against the standards and practices and determine a plan for self-improvement

tools. The steps to the process are shown here;
Viwango certification signifies that an organization has demonstrated sufficient implementation of Kenya CSO standards. It attests that the CSO is professionally run, has sufficient management capacity, accountability structures and relations that make it capable of delivering quality development outcomes and providing appropriate stewardship of the resources entrusted to it.
This is critical for building trust and credibility among the public, and creating an enabling environment

Certification is either Gold, Silver or Bronze after enrolling and conducting the participatory organisation capacity self-assessment based on the 8 Standards.
At the three levels; Bronze, Silver and gold, a CSO will receive a Viwango mark of excellence and a plaque that can be displayed at

certification process
in collaboration


During the assessment, the level of implementation of each standard is reviewed and the CSO is awarded points. An aggregate score is then calculated and it is upon this score that an organisation is rated.


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