2.1 A Written and Shared Vision and Mission Statement, Values and Objectives

The CSO’s vision, mission and values are clearly stated and written in all its key documents. Its vision, mission, values and objectives are shared and expressed in a manner that is easy for all to understand and identify with. The mission, values and objectives guide the organisation and are communicated to all members and other stakeholders as well as the general public. Mechanisms exist to review the vision, mission and objectives of the organisation. The thematic areas of work, the related activities, and the relationship to all development partners are clear.

2.2 Identifiable Physical Office and Address

The CSO has an office from which it runs its operations; and the office has both a physical address (e.g. a street/road/ plot number) and a correspondence address (e.g. a postal box, e-mail or any other). The physical address is made public through inclusion on the letterhead, or any correspondence material including invoices, receipt books, business cards or other commonly used items.

2.3 Name

The organisation has a name that identifies it and differentiates it from other organisations. The name is known by all its members and appears in all its correspondences.

2.4 The CSO is Not Affiliated to Political Parties

The CSO does not represent the interests of political parties and is seen to represent the interests of the wider public and the common good.

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