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The Global Standard for CSO Accountability is an initiative of ten civil society networks from around the world, nine of which focus especially on accountability. The Partners within the Global Standard initiative are: ACFID, BCSDN, CCC, DENIVA, the International Civil Society Centre,
InterAction, Rendir Cuentas, VANI, Viwango, and Accountable Now (Secretariat). 

The aim of developing a Global Standard is to support the movement to strengthen the effectiveness of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) worldwide through a shared standard on CSO accountability. Our current goal as an initiative is to transform CSOs’ work for strengthened
impact and resilience by becoming more transparent, responsive, and accountable towards the people whom they work for and with.


"The 12 Commitments."

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The Global Standard is a reference standard that civil society organisations (CSOs) can use, adopt, or adapt and implement to strengthen their accountability practices. Through the 12 accountability commitments, it tries to capture a shared understanding of accountability from CSOs from all over the world and it embodies a
dynamic approach to accountability by encouraging organisations to engage in a continuous two-way dialogue with all stakeholders – prioritizing the people we work with and for.

The 12 Commitments of the Global Standard summarise the critical areas of good CSO accountability practices. They are organised into three clusters: what CSOs aim to achieve, how to approach change, and how to shift internal practices.

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