Management systems and policies

5.1 The CSO has Policies that are Equitable and Non-Discriminatory

The CSO has internal policies and procedures that ensure gender equity, and upholds the rights of minorities against unfair practices and discrimination with regard to opportunities for employment, remuneration, training, and promotion.

5.2 Human Resource Management

The CSO has a well developed policy, guidelines, procedures and human capacity development plan for its human resources; its membership and relevant stakeholders who are key to its success and operational excellence. The target for capacity building is informed by a needs assessment. The information on what, who, when and where the knowledge and skills can be accessed from is clearly available to ensure linkages between training and other educational resources and skills needed for effective performance at all levels of the CSO.

5.3 Administration

The CSO has well documented internal administrative policies and procedures that govern its operations. The members, board and the staff know and practice these policies. They are responsible for the policies and procedures to be applied in the course of conducting the CSO work. The policies are reviewed regularly so as to bring them in line with the prevailing conditions in a changing environment.

5.4 Financial Management

The CSO keeps accurate and clear financial records of all its transactions and financial commitments. The CSO keeps a written record of all cash and non-cash transactions that are entered into in the course of its work. These records are well maintained and available for scrutiny by any relevant stakeholders including government agencies and donors. The financial and non-financial records are kept up-to-date, including detailed records of income and expenditure (cash book) and banking records. Financial accounting systems exist and are regularly checked for effectiveness. The CSO keeps a properly managed bank account and related instruments. The CSO operates well kept bank account(s), with licensed financial institutions. The CSO adheres to the rules and regulations of the financial institution and banking requirements. The material account is only used for organisational (not private) transactions, and that any transactions affecting the account including banking and withdrawals are properly authorized and documented, in accordance with written procedures. The books of accounts are audited by a certified, independent person or firm. The CSO implements the audit report recommendations. The CSO has its books of accounts and audits prepared annually by a certified auditor or firm of auditors. The audited accounts and reports are accessible to the stakeholders and public as required.


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