Resource Mobilisation and resource utilization

6.1 The CSO Only Solicits and Accepts Resources from Partners for Projects which are in Alignment with its Stated  Mission

The CSO only solicits for resources: financial and non financial; or, receives funds for implementation of programmes in line with its stated mission and strategy or plan. The CSO only seeks strategic resource partnerships. The CSO has a resource mobilisation strategy that guides it in raising financial and non-financial resources. All resources received are used for the intended purpose. The CSO actively researches and maps out donors who subscribe to its vision, mission, goals, and objectives. If part of a network then the CSO mobilises resources that enable it to be an effective and resourceful network member. The CSO upholds principles of ethical resource mobilization which govern and determine sources of funds; methods used; communication style adopted; and is in line with its values. The CSO is transparent in resource mobilisation and accountable in the use of resources. Conflict of interest is avoided in the mobilisation of resources.

6.2 Accountability and Proper Utilization of Resources

The CSO demonstrates accountable and proper utilization of resources as agreed. The CSO maintains sound systems that ensure that resources are effectively, efficiently and transparently allocated and managed. The CSO reports in a timely manner to donors and other relevant stakeholders.

6.3 Has Developed Mechanisms to Link Resources to Performance

The CSO has systems that assess and link the use of resources to expected results. The CSO has a well developed monitoring and evaluation policy framework to facilitate the appraisal and linkage of the deployed resources with the current and long term programme performance. The CSO regularly reviews reporting requirements and data in order to improve the development of appropriate monitoring and evaluation tools.

6.4 Organisational Sustainability

The CSO has mechanisms in place to diversify the sources of its resources. The CSO has a policy on reserves and endowments. The CSO actively and innovatively seeks to get a balance between internal and external resources. The community is actively involved in the mobilisation of resources to meet the strategic objectives of the organisation. The CSO has systems and processes that allow for organisational change; and that enable communities to sustain operations in the event that the organisation no longer exists.

6.5 Organisational Credibility

The CSO actively seeks to build credibility by being visible; branding or presenting itself appropriately; creating a positive image of itself and its work.

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