Legal & Statutory Requirements

1.1 Recognition or Legal Registration by a Mandated Body or Authority

The CSO is recognized by the constituency it serves or is registered with the relevant national registration
authority as provided for under the Kenyan law.

1.2 A Document that States its Objects, Structure and Rules of Operation

The CSO has documents that define use of funds, the composition, term limit and mandate of the board,
membership, change of membership, and other governance issues including organizational structure,
elections, audits and dissolution. A mechanism for reviewing the written document exists. This document
can be in the form of a Constitution, a Memorandum of Understanding, and or a Code of Conduct.
Organizational practices are in place that demonstrate compliance and adherence to the governance structure.

1.3 The CSO Adheres to Legal and Statutory Requirements

The CSO demonstrates compliance with all legal and statutory reporting requirements.

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