3.1 Has Clearly Laid-down Structures for Governance and Accountability

The CSO has a board, or governing committee that holds accountable its staff and other relevant stakeholders.
The board or committee has the overall oversight and responsibility for major decisions. The board or governing committee decisions are binding- when made in meetings with a quorum; or, as provided for in the constitution in exceptional circumstances. The board consults widely and makes decisions in a participatory way. Guidelines exist on formulation of policies that guide the organisation and its governance. Regular meetings are held as prescribed by the constitution and operational requirements to ensure the optimal realization of the goals and objectives of the organisation. All meetings including annual general meetings are documented and these shared with relevant stakeholders. The organisation prioritizes board and member development. The board or governing committee takes responsibility for leadership and accountability through oversight and review of organisational practices; management systems and culture. The management team is responsible for day-to-day operational matters. The reporting lines for staff are clear. Mechanisms exist to check the effectiveness of the board and change of membership. Mechanisms exist to support staff performance and their fit with the organisation.

3.2 Members of the Board or Committee are Elected or Co-opted in Accordance with the Legal Status of the CSO

The CSO’s board, committee or any other governing body has majority of its members elected and may have
a few appointed individuals. Members have attributes or qualities that strengthen the CSO. The members mandate is limited to the period set out by the constitution unless re-elected or re-appointed to office after expiry of the current term. Board members are elected or appointed in a manner acceptable to the majority of constituents or as provided for in the constitution.

3.3 Has Clearly Set Membership Criteria, Roles and Responsibilities

A criteria or basis for selection of board and governing committee members exists and is adhered to in the structure of the CSO. The criteria outline how all the relevant stakeholders’ interests are accommodated in the board. It demonstrates how the community are involved in the governance and leadership of the organisation. The functions of the board and the management are separate. There is clarity on communication by the board and other parts of the organisation and relevant publics. In the case of membership organisations there is evidence that members are involved in setting the direction and adjustment of key strategies.

3.4 Has a Conflict of Interest Policy that is Documented and is Adhered to

The board, staff and members subscribe to the conflict of interest policy and sign a conflict of interest statement that demonstrates their compliance. There is a code of conduct and evidence of adherence to the code of conduct or organisation rules and, ethics that guides the organisation.

3.5 CSO has Policies and Structures for Managing Conflict Within the Organisation

The CSO has policies and procedures for managing internal conflict to ensure that it does not threaten the survival of the organisation.

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